Dua Ibu’s

Two Ibu's

In Bahasa Indonesia, Ibu means ‘Mother’ or a way of politely addressing a woman. ‘Dua’ is the number two. This is Yuna who was my housekeeper and second mother, since she took such good care of  Harrison and I for an entire year like we were her family. You will be missed and not forgotten ♥

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2 thoughts on “Dua Ibu’s

  1. What a great reunion photo!!!!

  2. Dewi June

    Hi Julie, I’m very glad to have found your blog, thanks for all your posts. I just been relocated to Manado (from KL) to run and overlook a mining operation in Minahasa Tenggara. By the way, looking at this photo, it looks exactly the same like my house now. So i live in your former neighbourhood (Bukit Kawanua Golf Residence). May i know where does this ibu lives now?? Many thanks Julie (i assume this is your name, referring to your other posts) and i wish you and family and successful year ahead.


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